Training and Education

We understand that not everyone has experience running their own tax business. This is one of the reasons licensees join our family. To help with the process, we have developed training material that will show you how to run a profitable tax business – from effective recruiting, staff training, marketing, cost control etc. We will provide you and your staff with a complete business training program.

Operational Support

Our experienced management team is always available to assist you with the operational aspects of your business such as sales, management, and any other issues that may arise in the normal course of business.

Technology Support

We provide our licensee partners unlimited phone and online technical support with software application, network, set-up and various applications you will use to manage your business.

Independent Contractor Recruitment

Our team will train you on how to recruit and assemble a staff that will grow your business.


We combine national, regional and strategic local marketing plans to drive traffic to your tax office. Our marketing strategies are interactive and comprehensive, designed for gaining and retaining new clientele.