At UFSTSG, we’re in the business of changing lives. We help passionate, ambitious individuals achieve things they never thought possible. Hear reviews from current licensees as they share how their dream of business ownership became a reality with UFSTSG.


Building Success From The Ground Up

“I started literally from nothing, with no experience in the business world. At this point I am 5 years in the UFSTSG system, I currently own 4 offices, and this year I joined the Half Million Dollar Club with UFSTSG.”

-Derrick Browning

Women Thrive With The UFSTSG System

“With UFSTSG, there is no barrier, regardless of your race or of your sex, and I enjoy the vast opportunities that UFSTSG has delivered to our family.”

– Cecilia Rodriguez

The quality of life is really exceptional with UFSTSG…

“Owning a UFSTSG license gives me the time to focus on other things in the off-season. I get to enjoy my wife and grandkids now. I’m able to coach my grandkids’ sports teams, go to the sporting events, and be a part of their lives. The quality of life is really exceptional with UFSTSG”

-Phillip Owens

How UFSTSG Gave Me The American Dream

“I had heard about the tax business being recession proof and thought that it was time to investigate a little further, so I went to a UFSTSG sales seminar. I was attracted to the UFSTSG for two reasons. Number one, it’s a recession-proof business, which is very difficult to find, and the second was the system that UFSTSG had to offer to its individual operators. There was a complete system with everything I needed to know.”

-Anthony Johnson