The Business Concept

Millions of hardworking people rely on tax professionals every year to make sure they get the biggest tax refund possible. As long as there’s income tax, you’ll have customers. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and we have the system that can help you thrive. It’s the perfect match. Since 2011, UFSTSG has been chosen by hundreds as their path to business ownership and financial freedom.

 An Innovative Company

UFSTSG business model is tax preparation for the 21st century.  We reject the notion that tax preparation needs to be a frustrating process. Nor does it have to be complicated or overly costly. UFSTSG has created a process that’s quick, convenient, and actually enjoyable – for everyone involved. There will always be a need for tax preparation businesses, so tax preparation business opportunities are the perfect solution.

Proven Concepts

UFSTSG is an award-winning tax preparation business, backed by solid growth and visionary leadership.  Since 2011, we’ve opened more than 700 offices by keeping our focus on the future and expanding small business opportunities for our licensees.