become a tax preparer

Why Become a Tax Preparer?

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Are you someone who loves numbers and enjoys helping others? Consider becoming a tax preparer for a sustainable source of income! The average wage of a tax preparer varies by state and level of experience, but our licensees earn up to $60,000 per year, working only during tax season. Best …

creative tax solutions

Creative Deductions That Can Save You Money On Taxes

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According to IRS data, the majority of Americans choose to take the standard deduction when they file their taxes. This means instead of taking tax deductions for expenses like mortgage interest and moving costs, they choose a set deduction of around $6000 for single people and around $12000 for married …

tax problems

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Filing Your Taxes

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Filing taxes is something everyone does each year, no exceptions. It’s important to avoid everyone’s number one concern: making a mistake when filling out your tax forms. Making mistakes is human nature, but be careful! Errors not only delay your refund but could also land you in hot water with …

being audited

5 Reasons to Stop Worrying About a Tax Audit

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Just the thought of being audited causes most people to shudder. And even though audits are at a 14-year low, there’s still a chance that the IRS could send you that dreaded letter. If you find yourself in this situation, now is not the time to be scared. It’s time …

2018 tax changes

2018 Tax Changes You Need to Know

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Here we are in the year 2018. What will the year bring? Since you’re responsible about your finances, you might be more specifically curious about what new tax changes this year will bring. Since the Tax Cuts and Job Act passed into law at the end of 2017, some significant …

Increase Revenue by Offering Tax Prep Services

UFSTSG Tax Preparation Business

As a small business owner, you understand how important it is to create long-term relationships with satisfied customers. Your established clients may be a source of regular recurring revenue for you already, but expanding your service offerings will allow your business to grow even more in the years to come. …