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A – While we can’t quote exact profit levels, our low-cost opportunity together with our proven system means your opportunity for profit begins in year one.
A – Our licensing agreements are for 5 years. They can be renewed for successive 5-year terms if you are not in default of any provision of your licensing agreement. There is no fee for renewal.
A – Currently, our royalties vary depending on which business structure you choose. Contact a UFSTSG sales representative for details.
A – We sure can. Financing assistance may be available.
A – Everything you need to operate a tax office: IRS Registration, Software, Bank Products, Training, 24/ 7/365 IT and Tax Law Support, Marketing/Promotional Materials, and a Business Development Manager to guide you step-by-step, and much more.
A – No. Call us to discuss how we can help you to get your business started.
A – No. We have a robust training program to teach you everything you need to be successful.
A – Our online training is self-paced. We have training videos and other materials available via our partner company 1040taxinstitute web site for you to review on your own schedule. Most people grasp the software in a matter of hours. The more you practice, the faster and more efficient you will become. Most Licensees become comfortable and confident in a short period of time.
A – Yes, we have 5 licensed brands for you to choose from.
A – Yes. We will support you in as many as we agree you can successfully manage.
A – You get paid FAST! Every Thursday during tax season we will ACH transfer your percentage of the tax preparation fees directly into your bank account for all funded tax returns. You will receive the money in your account on Friday. In other words, Friday is pay day.
A –
If you woud like to speak with someone at USFTSG please request No Cost Business Consultation, give us a call toll free at 844-757-2849 or email us at opportunity@ufstsg.com


How UFSTSG Gave Me The American Dream

“With UFSTSG, there is no barrierI had heard about the tax business being recession proof and thought that it was time to investigate a little further, so I went to a UFSTSG sales seminar. I was attracted to the UFSTSG for two reasons. Number one, it’s a recession-proof business, which is very difficult to find, and the second was the system that UFSTSG had to offer to its individual operators. There was a complete system with everything I needed to know.” –Anthony Johnson



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