IRS e-filing registration

Expertise that helps you navigate an arduous application process
Electronic tax filing is tightly regulated by the IRS, and approval to use the e-file system requires a lengthy and arduous application process. This process is rife with red tape and pitfalls if you do not know the detailed steps of the system. UFSTSG has assisted thousands of tax offices just entering the industry with navigating the application process, and provides detailed operational training to ensure that you and your tax business stays within the established guidelines. The IRS will not let just anyone open a tax office; a criminal background check must be s completed, as well as a check for tax compliance for the office owner. While minor missteps on your record can be overcome and should not dissuade you from pursuing tax office ownership, these will need to be disclosed in the application process to ensure transparency and authenticity.

  • UFSTSG has assisted thousands of tax offices
  • We will help ensure that you stay within the established guidelines
  • E-tax filing is tightly regulated by the IRS

Office setup + training

Time-tested processes and education that get you up and running quickly
While many consultants may offer to help get your business off the ground, few have any real idea what obstacles you will face in the tax preparation industry. At UFSTSG, we know what needs to be done when opening a tax office. Prioritization of the startup process is crucial to getting everything completed in a timely manner so that you don’t miss any valuable days during the short window of the tax season. As a business owner, you need to identify the critical areas of your business; even though there are many important areas, the critical ones need attention to ensure your business’s stability and viability. UFSTSG has created an invaluable step-by-step process to help you avoid those critical mistakes!

UFSTSG is a licensed IRS Continuing Education Provider and presents real-world tax education, in a live webinar format that always concludes with an interactive question-and-answer session covering the session topics. These educational tax preparation courses are presented by our on-staff IRS Enrolled Agents and CPAs who break down confusing topics into easy-to-understand, plain English scenarios. IRS Continuing Education requirements are something that you and your employees must be aware of on an annual basis. Our training courses provide general and common tax topics presented in plain language that a non-tax pro can understand and benefit from. Whether you are looking to complete your Annual Filing Season Program, gain your Enrolled Agent (EA) certification or go all the way to becoming a CPA, UFSTSG has your tax preparer courses and continuing tax education needs covered.

  • Prioritization of the startup process is crucial
  • UFSTSG has created an invaluable step-by-step process
  • UFSTSG is a licensed IRS Continuing Education Provider

Software + filing services

Flexible solutions that grow with your business

The right tax software should provide a stable and consistent foundation in your tax business. UFSTSG’s system enables you to file all tax returns. From simple individual tax returns to the most complex corporate returns, your tax office will be able to handle them all. Tax software alone cannot build a successful tax preparation business, but it is darn important! UFSTSG offers two different program platforms to benefit and cater to the needs of both new tax preparers and experienced industry professionals. Flexibility and scalability ensure that your professional tax preparation software can grow with your business and adapt to your needs and the needs of your ever-changing client base.

Work with tax returns your way! That’s just what our professional tax preparation software allows you to do. Some preparers like the comprehensiveness of starting a return using our easy interview module, while others like jumping right in and getting hands on with the tax forms. Our professional tax preparation software allows for both methods, and the interview module can be turned on and off at your choosing. Information seamlessly transfers between the client interview and the tax forms. The ergonomic natural flow of taxpayer information throughout the return preparation process minimizes the time spent on every return. Personal information, income reporting, adjustments, deductions, and credits … all have their own natural flow, streamlined for efficiency, completeness, and accuracy.

  • Easy-to-use interface adapts to your needs
  • Information seamlessly transfers between the client interview and the tax forms
  • Natural flow of information minimizes time spent on each return

Guaranteed bank products

Multiple options for issuing your clients’ refunds

UFSTSG’s goal for your tax office is to give you the same refund options and service offerings as the national retail tax franchise offices. This means dispersing client refunds in a variety of methods, such as refund checks printed in your office, deposited onto a prepaid debit card that you provide, direct deposited into checking or savings accounts, or even transferred to a Wal-Mart financial service center where your client can walk out with their full refund in cash. This important process allows your office to get away from accepting I.O.U.s! From our experience with thousands of tax offices over the years, we know that no office that accepts I.O.U.s is consistent in collecting their prep fees. UFSTSG will take care of your bank registration so that you don’t have to worry about collecting client prep fees, and you can focus on earning more clients and preparing tax returns!

  • Transfers are available the first day of filing
  • Your fees are taken out of your client’s refund
  • Your client chooses how they want to receive their refund amount


Turnkey marketing programs with your success in mind

Every aspect of marketing matters when it comes to a business, and advertising tax services is no exception. Our tax business marketing program can help you make the tactical decisions necessary to move your company forward, faster. The key is not just to attract more customers initially, but also to retain them and keep them coming back tax season after tax season. While it’s not difficult to market your tax prep company, we don’t want to give you the impression that there is one “sure-fire” solution that that will work for all tax prep offices. When developing your tax business’s marketing program, a little help can go a long way. UFSTSG has been working with non-franchise independent tax offices startups just like you since we started — it’s our secret sauce and we know what works. We have developed a host of turnkey marketing programs, tax advertising campaigns, and promotional materials that have one goal in mind: your tax business’s success and profitable growth!

  • Proven tax advertising campaigns attract and retain customers
  • Promotional materials are available to support your business
  • Our marketing campaigns are geared towards your tax business’s success and profitable growth!

Audit representation

An affordable solution to a complex concern

No one wants to deal with an audit issue. The complexity of untangling these challenging situations can be daunting and time-consuming. Now there is an affordable solution to help your clients navigate the process with ease and confidence. It’s free for tax professionals and just $34.95 for your clients. Give your clients peace of mind with Audit Assistance.

  • Affordable solution provides clients with peace of mind
  • Free for tax professionals
  • Just $34.95 for your clients