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A – VTAX is a full-service tax preparation, accounting and consulting firm. Each VTax tax professional is licensed and credentialed. Every tax return that we prepare is reviewed by an enrolled agent or CPA.
A – Our company was born out of frustration in an industry with unreliable, under-qualified tax preparers with no licensing or certification and as little as five days tax training. Our team consists of CPA’s, Tax Attorneys, and credentialed tax preparers who are registered with the IRS, licensed, experienced, and up to date on current tax regulations. Whether it is a basic 1040 or a complex business return, VTax has a resource readily available with the appropriate level of expertise. No more overpaying, and there’s no risk of getting a preparer that does not have the right level of experience and knowledge.
A – Simply download the VTax mobile app for free and click 1040 Return. Answer a few simple questions about your life. Snap. Tap. Upload. Take a photo of your W-2 with your phone or tablet and watch as all your information accurately gets uploaded to your secure client portal, for accessing by the tax professionals at VTax headquarters. Your information is saved with secure encryption, and always protected and available in your personal secure client portal. Then, sit back and relax. Connect with a VTax licensed and credentialed tax professionals via video or phone to review your tax return.
A –You don’t really need anything but your phone or tablet to get started! Just download our app and answer a few simple questions and you’re on your way.
A – Yes. Click here to download the mobile app at absolutely no cost.
A – Yes. VTax utilizes secure technology with a password-protected client portal to protect documents and profile information. The VTax centralized team of tax professionals are vetted to ensure integrity during the return process, and kept current of all tax regulations and changes. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Audit Assistance are in place to ensure that your returns are safe and secure.
A – Yes, VTax will help you file your state taxes. Every state is different – each with their own tax laws. In fact, there are some states that don’t levy a state income tax at all. But if you live in a state where you have to file a state tax return, VTax will let you know and help you get them done right.
A – Our pricing is tailored to meet the unique situation for each client – from the simple to complex. Assuming there are no additional forms or complexity once the process begins, the fee you are charged will be the same as the estimate that you receive upfront. To provide a range, depending on the complexity of your return, the price for a tax return prepared and filed is between $200 and $550. You can receive an estimate of the fee you will be charged before we start working on your return. THERE IS NEVER ANY OBLIGATION.
A – No appointment is necessary. With the VTax mobile app for both Android or iOS in as little as 15 minutes you can now conveniently and securely connect with our team of licensed and credentialed tax professionals and have your taxes professionally filed anytime and from anywhere you choose. Just grab your forms and your phone, and you’re on your way to your maximum refund.
A – Get personalized, one-on-one expert answers to your toughest tax questions, if you need it 24/7 from our credentialed CPAs and EAs.
A – No. There are NO upfront costs. Pay securely through our payment gateway only when you are ready to file. The fees are deducted from the refund.
A – We deal with the IRS so you don’t have to. We stand behind our work, therefore if you get a letter or contacted by the IRS or state taxing agency, our expert representatives will defend any income tax return we prepared at NO additional charge.
A – Choose from several refund options.

Tax Refund Bank Deposit Enjoy the convenience of a timely direct deposit. Once the refund is received, we will deduct the fees and expedite the proceeds to your checking or savings account through ACH direct deposit.

Debit Card You get a card that you can load money onto. Once the refund is processed by the treasury department, the refund amount will be deposited onto the card for your immediate use (applicable fees may apply).

Walmart Direct2Cash Walmart Direct2Cash provides a convenient and affordable way to receive your refund in cash (up to $7,500) from participating Walmart locations for a $7 fee.

A –
If you woud like to speak with someone at USFTSG please request No Cost Business Consultation, give us a call toll free at 844-757-2849 or email us at opportunity@ufstsg.com
A – Yes. You can get refund information about your federal income tax return through the IRS’s secure website 72 hours after they acknowledge receipt of your return. Where’s my refund? is fast, easy and safe.