VTax On-demand

VTax On-demand Tax Preparation

Earn up to $60,000 in just 4 months, without quitting your day job or learning taxes!

What is VTax?

VTax is a fast-growing company that provides on-demand tax preparation services. We offer consumers and prospective licensees the best of both worlds.

For prospective tax preparation business licensees, VTax offers an affordable opportunity for earning additional income without learning taxes or quitting your job. For consumers, all tax returns are prepared and signed by credentialed tax preparers. Clients can have their taxes done anytime, anywhere with our handy tax e-filing service. This breakthrough opportunity is changing the way the industry brings tax preparation services to the marketplace.

Consumer satisfaction guaranteed

For the consumer, VTax is like having their very own tax consultant in their pocket. Taxpayers don’t have to sit for hours trying to solve their complex tax questions. Using the VTax app, clients can connect to one-on-one tax preparation help with a live VTax professional.

Our guarantee

  • Maximum refund guaranteed
  • 100% accuracy
  • 100% Satisfaction Audit Assistance
  • Fair & transparent pricing
  • Personal information is secure

Mobile-preneurship business opportunity

For the licensee, the VTax mobile-preneurship business model offers low startup costs, access to marketing and social media tools, tax industry training, and the technology to help you conduct business anytime from anywhere.

Best of all, you don’t have to learn taxes and you assume no liability. All of the tax preparation is completed by our professional tax preparation team through our mobile tax prep app. Our 100% Satisfaction Audit Assistance guarantee removes the risks from you that a traditional tax preparer faces.

Using the VTax tax filing services app, you connect clients to a credentialed tax professional.

  • We prepare the taxes.
  • You make money.
  • Simple. Accurate. Secure.

Low-cost, high-return licensing plan

VTax offers a lucrative licensing plan that pays you up to 50% of the preparation fees charged to each valuable client. Whether you follow our Find & Grow model or share the services yourself, it’s a win-win situation.

From 2013 to 2015, the average UFSTSG (now VTax) Licensee earned $120,000 in as little as 120 days. At VTax, we make it simple to provide tax solutions. This includes a completely interactive tax preparation service, where all aspects of a return are encompassed.

Our goal as a tax preparation business is to eliminate the hassles that are commonly associated with preparing taxes. We offer a simple, easy, and secure way to electronically file taxes, and we are constantly searching for new opportunities to provide even more convenience to our customers. We take care of the e-filing, so that there is minimal effort on the part of our customers.

Get ready to enjoy summers and holidays, because most of your business is generated during the concentrated tax season of mid-January through mid-April. Or use the remainder of the year to offer more services to your tax clients, generating income year round. You decide.


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