VTAX Services

The only tax preparation you will ever need!

VTax is a full-service accounting firm with a wide array of tax and advisory services.

Whether your taxes are complicated or relatively simple, our tax experts are trained to meet the needs of any client, anywhere. Our licensed and credentialed tax pros are here to file your tax returns virtually and securely, address your tax questions accurately, and make your tax filing experience seamless and hassle-free.

Individual tax returns

Taxpayers today have a variety of options when it comes to filing their tax returns. They may go looking for a tax professional or file their own tax returns using popular DIY tax software. Each of these options comes with benefits as well as its share of disadvantages. VTax combines the expertise, scope, and assurance provided only by licensed credentialed preparers with the convenience of having your taxes prepared anytime, anywhere.

In addition, within your all-inclusive fixed preparation fee, we also include the following related services at no extra charge.

IRS, state & local notice handlings

Contacting IRS, state & local offices to represent you in order to resolve your tax matters.
Preparing all related IRS, state & local tax forms such as estimated taxes, extensions, power of attorney, change of address, and more!

Audit Assistance

When audits happen, we’ve got you covered. We deal with the IRS so you don’t have to. We offer 100% audit assistance satisfaction – at no additional cost.

Our Audit Defense Team provides professional tax audit defense services for 36 months on each covered return. Services include all communications and meetings with the IRS or state taxing agency, from the first notice to completion of the audit. You should never have to meet with the IRS or state taxing authority alone!

Is VTax right for you?

VTax offers tax return preparation for all individuals and married couples, whether you’re an employee, and entrepreneur, a student, or a freelancer. You don’t have to worry about figuring out which form is right for you — simply upload your fax documents to our secure mobile app, and we’ll do the rest!



Individual tax filing for the employees of any-collar workforce. Employees of blue- and white-collar professions make up more than 90% of the United States labor workforce.

These hard-working professionals of all backgrounds are crucial to the progress of our economy. Employees can encounter countless tax situations as this group is the largest portion of all taxpayers in the U.S.

VTax is prepared to carefully examine your situation and ready to file your taxes so that you receive the maximum refund owed to you.

Business owners & entrepreneurs

Individual tax filing for business owners & entrepreneurs. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike are aimed towards a single goal: the business’s bottom line. However, the ultimate motive is almost always on a personal, individual level. Success of the business means success of the individual and their family. VTax is able to streamline business taxes with the owners’ and entrepreneurs’ individual tax filing compliance. It is recommended that taxpayers use the same tax preparer for both their business and individual tax matters, as many transactions and tax-related items are intertwined between the two. VTax takes care of business owners so they can rest assured that their business and individual tax matters are under the care of a single dedicated accountant.

Freelancers & Creatives

Individual tax filing for all types of artists, writers, programmers, designers, and more. Creative freelancers such as designers, writers, and bloggers lead some of the most exciting lives by truly following their passions! However, taxes can often be an administrative and financial headache for these professionals due to the tax laws that govern freelance income. As a result, many creative freelancers feel helpless when it comes to tax planning. Let VTax take the headache out of tax season! Simply upload your 1099s, business expenses, and other tax documents, and we’ll make sure you receive every possible tax benefit and deduction available to you.


Individual tax filing for students of all backgrounds. Since many students are filing their taxes for the first time, meeting tax compliance is often met with much uncertainty. There’s a good chance that a student might not even be required to file taxes at all! Obtain your peace of mind by completing a worksheet that will guide you on your filing requirements, for free! If you still have any questions, you can always contact VTax for assistance.