The business concept

Millions of hardworking people rely on tax professionals every year to make sure they get the biggest tax refund possible. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, we have the system that can help you thrive. It’s the perfect match. Since 2011, UFSTSG has been chosen by hundreds as their path to business ownership and financial freedom.

The UFSTSG business model is tax preparation for the 21st century. We reject the notion that tax preparation needs to be a frustrating process. Nor does it have to be complicated or overly costly. UFSTSG has created a process that’s quick, convenient, and actually enjoyable – for everyone involved. There will always be a need for tax preparation businesses, so UFSTSG is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to own their own business or just earn some extra income.

It’s your business

You remain in charge of your business and make all the major decisions. Work when you want and as much as you want. Our licensees enjoy their independence while benefiting from our support.


Building success from the ground up!

“I started literally from nothing, with no experience in the business world. At this point I am 5 years in the UFSTSG system, I currently own 4 offices, and this year I joined the Half Million Dollar Club with UFSTSG. Just like everyone else who joins forces with UFSTSG I started with a consultation with one of their business counselors. I encourage you to do the same! It will be the best call you ever make!”            -Derrick Browning


An innovative partner

UFSTSG is an award-winning tax preparation business, backed by solid growth and visionary leadership. Since 2011, we’ve opened more than 700 offices by keeping our focus on the future and expanding small business opportunities for our licensees.

UFSTSG is one of the fastest growing tax preparation businesses in the country. We have experienced dynamic growth by being accessible and visionary. We offer the resources of a large corporation, but the personalized service of a small firm.

When you partner with UFSTSG, you don’t just buy a business, you buy a business with proven track record of success. You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Superior products and services

You will be able to offer your clients the best tax and financial products in the industry. Our value-added products and services are the reason thousands of taxpayers visit our offices year after year.

Training and education

We understand that not everyone has experience running their own tax business. This is one of the reasons licensees join our family. To help with the process, we have developed training material that will show you how to run a profitable tax business – from effective recruiting, staff training, marketing, cost control etc. We will provide you and your staff with a complete business training program.


Women Thrive With The UFSTSG System

“With UFSTSG, there is no barrier, regardless of your race or of your sex, and I enjoy the vast opportunities that UFSTSG has delivered to our family.” – Cecilia Rodriguez Browning

Operational support

Our experienced management team is always available to assist you with the operational aspects of your business such as sales, management, and any other issues that may arise in the normal course of business.

Technology Support

We provide our licensee partners unlimited phone and online technical support with software application, network, setup and various applications you will use to manage your business.

Local support team

You will not be alone. UFSTSG has a strong field management team that will provide personalized service and the resources you need. You will have a team of professionals that provide free, individualized guidance and marketing assistance. They will help you promote your business within your local community.
Innovative marketing concepts
We combine national, regional and strategic local marketing plans to drive traffic to your tax office. Our marketing strategies are interactive and comprehensive, designed for gaining and retaining new clientele.

We don’t wait for customers to come to us – we go to them. We bring a sales approach to the tax industry. We teach you our proven marketing methods and strategies to help you find more clients and see higher returns! We provide “done for you” marketing to implement.
Best-in-class training
We offer year-round continuing education tax courses and business management classes. These can be taken online, or instructor led. Many of the courses are offered in Spanish.
Financial assistance
We will invest in your business to help you achieve your goals. We provide financial assistance with offseason support, bad debt relief, and capital for future growth.

Independent contractor recruitment

Our team will train you on how to recruit and assemble a staff that will grow your business.

Corporate partnerships

To broaden your customer base, we capitalize on extensive cross-marketing opportunities with national corporations, offering value-added tax preparation as a service for their employees.


GET STARTED! It’s finally your time!

Now is the time to take control of your life and build something for yourself, and the team here at UFSTSG wants to help. Our proven programs and ongoing support make this the perfect opportunity for motivated people who want to make more money and have more time to spend with family, friends and community.

Click the button below and take the first step and find out if our program is right for you. Our trained business consultants will walk you through all of our programs, discuss costs and earning potential, and answer any questions that you have. There is no obligation or pressure to buy.